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We work with a supplier to get you the best drywall deals and delivery. Once you receive a free quote from us, we will set up a drywall delivery on a date that’s convenient for you. Our supplier delivers the drywall right into your home — avoiding making any damage or mess anywhere.  Once the drywall is delivered safe and sound, our professional crew will measure, order and install your: 4’x8′; 4’x9′; 4’x10′; 4’x11′; 4’x12′ drywall sheets; 5/8; gypsum and blue board.

We will make your life easier as well as ours by minimizing drywall waste (less cleanup) and maximizing quality (fewer gaps).

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We repair the existing drywall/plaster and match the repairs seamlessly to the existing wall.

After primer and paint are applied — you won’t even notice the repairs.

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Over the years, we have refined our craft and developed our own 3-coat finish. By applying Durabond90 on all gaps we eliminate future cracks in the joints.

On the first coat, we apply tape on the joints and apply a thin coat of mud on all joints and corners (1 side).

On the second coat, we plaster over the first coat.

For our final coat, we apply a skim coat on all joints and finish the corners.

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After the primer is applied we will do a prime check.

During this, we will spot-check the job with a lightbulb and fix any imperfections.

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Sanding is the most important part of the job, which is why we do it ourselves. Using a light, we sand all the walls and corners to get rid of all deficiencies or any rough edges.

We hand sponge all corners to guarantee a quality finish and ensure the job is done well.

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We can remove popcorn ceilings or stipple and make the surface flat again. With years of experience there is no stipple surface we can’t make smooth and ready for paint.

We do Plastering, level 5 finish and custom build crown mouldings or match your existing ones for a perfect transformation.

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