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Hiring The Right Drywall Company Shouldn’t Be difficult…

Are you looking to get some drywall home renovation done? Or have a new project in mind and need a good, reliable drywall company?

Well, you’re at the right spot.

But first… who are we?

We are a family-owned drywall/taping crew that has served clients all over Ottawa for the past 15 years.

We know what we’re doing and most importantly – we pride ourselves in our work.

And getting the right drywall crew is crucial. There’s nothing worse than hiring a “drywall professional” and up with a rough finish that’s hard to look at… forcing you to call a better drywall company to come fix it (usually ends up being us).

We’ve seen the worst. And that’s why we strive to do better.

ThreeStepsDrywall is the PERFECT crew for you if…

  • You want to save money on a middleman: Lots of bigger-sized drywall companies have a middleman. They’ll price it high, sub out the job to his workers, and profits the extra $$$. We do it all ourselves. 
  • You value communication: Communication is key and our main focus when it comes to our clients. We’ll be there with you to answer questions every step of the way. From the estimate, drywall delivery, drywall installation, coating, sanding, and prime-check.
  • You want QUALITY work: When it comes to speed and quality of work — we’re the best in town.Our reviews speak for themselves.
  • You want your home treated with respect: No music shaking your walls. Minimal mess on your floor. No headaches. We treat your home as if it were our own.
  • You want your job done on a timely schedule: Getting your schedule pushed back sucks… Especially if you have other trades lined up after us — which is why we give our clients a realistic timeline on when we can start and complete your job. 
  • You want a legit company that has proper insurance: We are WSIB and Liability insured — so if anything happens, we got it covered.
  • You want REAL results: Basements, new home buildings, renovations, commercial jobs, stipple removal — we’ve done it all. We have HUNDREDS of happy customers all across Ottawa. You can check out some of our work here.
  • You value SAFETY: Each member of our crew is fully vaccinated and follows COVID-19 protocols. 


And if you’re still not convinced — hiring us gets you our 100% satisfaction guarantee:

We will come back and fix any imperfections after the primer’s applied, and we only get paid when YOU’RE happy with the job. 

Now, you should have everything you need to make a confident decision on whether we’re the right drywall company for you.

Ready for a free quote?

Press the handy call button on mobile. Or call/text Daniel at (613) 900-4269.

Prefer email? – Reach us at daniel@threestepsdrywall.com

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When it comes to drywall — there’s nothing we can’t do! Below is a list of services that we specialize in. You can press the yellow “Our Drywall Services” button below for more details.

Our Services

  • Drywall Delivery – Get the materials you need delivered right to your job site using our supplier (you also get our contractors discount!).
  • Drywall Installation – Our experienced drywall crew will install your drywall in a timely manner.
  • 3 Coat Taping Finish – We will apply 3 coats until the job is ready for sanding.
  • Sanding – We sand the job to make it smooth and ready for priming
  • Drywall Repairs – Ranging from cracks on your walls, patches, leaks, etc.
  • Plaster Work – We tackle any kind of plaster work
  • Stipple Removal – Making stipple disappear, leaving you with a nice smooth ceiling
  • PrimeCheck – Once the primer is applied, give us a call and we’ll spot check everything before you start painting.
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